Whether you are an individual, professional, or part of an institutional trust company, Nomadx Solutions helps you manage your responsibilities and protects you from financial risk.

As an ITA member, you are eligible for a proprietary fiduciary liability policy, as well as premiums, which Nomadx Solutions has negotiated with its insurance carriers.

Regardless of the size of the trust, we’re here to assist you in your important role as a trustee. With decades of experience in insurance and legal aspects of trusts, the experts at Nomadx Solutions understand the industry and will work with you to the find right insurance coverage for your situation.

Limits, Retentions, and Premium Options

Nomadx Solutions offers ITA members three tiers of fiduciary liability insurance options as outlined below. We work with all sizes of trusts, including those of $1B or more in total assets, regardless of their size or complexity.

Tier 1

The insured independent trustee manages fewer than 5 trusts, and the total estimated size of trust(s) is less than $20,000,000.


Tier 2

The insured independent trustee manages fewer than 20 trusts, and the total estimated size of trust(s) is less than $50,000,000.

TIEr 3

This tier is for insured independent trustees who may not meet the criteria for Tiers 1 and 2. In this case, Nomadx Solutions will work with the trustee and the insurance underwriter to determine pricing and coverage options.

To qualify for the special ITA tier pricing, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. The Trustee (applicant) receives advice or direction from a qualified investment advisor.

  2. The Trustee is not a beneficiary of the trust(s). 

  3. There have not been any claims or disciplinary proceedings.

  4. 90 percent of the trust assets are considered standard investments (real estate, stocks and bonds, and insurance).


The following information is needed to receive a proposal for a fiduciary liability insurance policy:

  1. Signed and dated application forms

  2. Trust documents

  3. Financial information (bank statements and/ or audited financial statements for all assets)

To get started

  1. Download both of the following application forms.

  2. Complete the professional liability and trustee supplemental applications, and send the completed forms to Judith L. Pearson at Nomadx Solutions.


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* Application for insurance under the arrangement with Nomadx is proprietary to ITA, and can only be accessed by ITA members in good standing. Details on the coverage, the underwriter, the carrier and sample rates will be made available to all ITA members. Membership in the ITA does not guarantee coverage, nor is it an endorsement of the broker, the underwriter or carrier. To determine coverage, each member must apply for the insurance and the policy issued by the underwriter.